Do we need to choose between money and happiness? Is there a choice? Are they both intertwined or separate? Is there a crossover point between no money and happiness? I don’t know the full answer to this.

You see I have been blessed to have experienced both. having money flowing abundantly into my life and those hard, barren times when it has been completely absent. And I am talking about both extremes here.

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You may have heard that the natural tendency for most minds is to place limits on we what we can do and achieve. When the mind is full of doubt, uncertainty, fear and mostly negative this is heightened.

The other day I was talking to a chap who was telling me all these wonderful things he could do. He was a qualified painter and decorator; a plumber, house renovator and yes something else that escapes me right now (I must have switched off by then).

He was also unemployed. I asked him had he thought about getting his own van and starting his own plumbing business. He had, but it was impossible.

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Don’t you just love this time of year? So many people are full of hope and greater expectations of a better life – next year. Things will be different they say, next year. And off they run to make a list of New Year resolutions.

A short lived list, but the intentions are good. For these couple of weeks, life takes on a whole new meaning.

Things will be better this year!

Even those who do not celebrate the traditional Christmas, are nevertheless still caught up in the magic and expectation of creating a better life for themselves in the New Year.

Things will be better this year!

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Firstly, I want to let my more regular readers know that from today, 99% of my posts are going to be shorter. Why? because I have quite a lot to say to help people reclaim their success, or about life or people and performance.

And like my philosophy of keeping things simple, I believe this will be better. Time, of course, will be the judge of that.

Personal Belief and Why it is Important

Personal belief is the cornerstone to all achievement. Being in a state of lack of belief is like starving the body of food and water. It is critical to getting anything you want, including reclaiming your past success.

You see when you fully and emphatically believe in yourself, what you do, your abilities to learn and how to overcome setbacks, it is like a powerful engine inside you; driving you onwards and upwards.

It attracts other people to your cause, your vision and purpose. Other high achievers are suddenly attracted to you and help seems to flow in abundance and sometimes, from quite unexpected sources.

Now of course, some people think they believe full in what they do, but sometimes the beliefs that hold us back are on an unconscious level, meaning quite simply, we are unaware of them; we keep trying but don’t get very far, rather like running a hamster wheel. But they still drive our results.

If you were once successful and now find yourself struggling or frustrated with current results you have simply had what I call a ‘Belief Shift’; (or, an underlying unconscious belief has not been properly eliminated and become dominant again).

If you were successful before, you can be successful again

Events have replaced your previous held beliefs about success or whatever. They are now dominating your thinking and therefore producing the frustrating results you are now experiencing.

Of course a severe body blow to personal confidence can cause similar drab results and that is easily put right and can be instantly fixed.

But when the lack of success or results is more prolonged, it is the belief system you once held that has been infected.

You may need to unlearn a belief and relearn a new one or a previous one

The great news is, personal belief can be built up again. It may take a little time, nevertheless, if it gets you back to the success or result levels you once enjoyed, it is really worth working on.

Remember, if you don’t fully believe in yourself, what you are doing, your purpose or vision; or products or service then don’t expect anyone else to believe in you or what you do either.

And also bear in mind, I am not referring to those empty, half-hearted words people use, “Of course I believe” and I am sure you have met people who use that phrase, but you just seem to know they don’t really mean them..

I am talking specifically about an underlying, intense belief.

It is that inner knowing, that super belief thinking that nothing can stop you, that will get you well on your way back to being your best and enjoying all the trappings of success.

Remember those times?

If you want to get back to your best and start reliving your previous successful, happier times please do get in touch.